Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Happy Boxing Day- For me It's all about shop, shop, shop!!!

Boxing Day is a bank and public holiday traditionally celebrated on the 26th of December mainly in United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

The term "Boxing Day” is related to middle aged custom to give servants a box containing gifts .

The day after Christmas, servants took wooden boxes to work so that employers could fill those boxes with money or food in return for good and reliable service throughout the year.
Likewise, nowadays, on the boxing Day employers give gifts to their employees.

Boxing Day is related to St. Stephen's Day. St. Stephen is a patron of horses, so usually on Boxing Day many sports events takes place, mostly horse races and huntings.
On 26th of December in Australia starts two popular sport events: Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race and The Boxing Day Test cricket match.

Thanks to big sales in most shops and market, the Boxing Day is a shopping holiday and it is one of the best trading days of the year. On that day most offices and production plants are closed. For the rest of Europe, Boxing Day is just the second day of Christmas.

Well I'm off to the sales.


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