Friday, 2 March 2018

An Open Letter to Me

Hello Miss Vivacious,

I would like to let you know that, this child here is a woman I truly admire.
Her tenacious spirit to me, is one of a kind. 
I've seen her weep and wail cos she can no longer take the pain. 
I've seen her fall down so many times, she might as well just live on the ground. 
I've been there when she questioned the essence of her existence and purpose to life. 
I've been there when she has gone though things you can't even imagine. 
But true to her blessed child, Jesus baby, forever smiling style I've seen her rise. 
I've seen her soar. I've seen her do things that even she didn't know she was capable of. 
I've seen blessings fall on her and I've watched her bust her gut to get through in a world she didnt care to be in. 
On the day 27-02-18,  I'm mad proud of who she has become through hardwork, dedication and His blessings. I love you Oluwafolakemi and I'm scared of the greatness you will one day thrust upon my shoulders cos each and every day you continue to amaze me but I sure know we are beyond capable . Happy birthday darling, don't ever let anyone tell you, you have to settle for less or you aren't good enough. Dont ever let anyone clip your wings and beat down your spirit.
Baby girl I implore you to keep your eyes on the ball and make sure you don't leave this world without contributing your all to making it a better place.

Oluwafolakemi Vivacity

Vivacious hailings to those who continue to root for me and women just like me. Be all you can be peoples. 💋
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