Monday, 17 August 2015

"I want to be a girl again" – (dry) A film by Stephanie Linus

OK darlings I haven’t written in a massively long while. As I’m sitting on my bed hitting these keys, it feels like it’s been too long.

Truthfully we all get caught up in life, caught up in what we define as work and kind of forget the little things that keep us going.

As u know mine is of course communicating, in any way shape or form I just love to communicate. My friends will say “it’s a lie, she just loves to talk”.

I beg differ, you can communicate in many different ways besides talking (which I do 90% of the time). You communicate through pictures, through body language, and of course writing.

OK after my plenty ramblings let’s get back to the matter at hand. Last Thursday night I attended a movie premiere in my new home city, Abuja. Well not so new as I’ve been here for like a year now
I’m not writing this article to plug, push or whatever we PR people do to movies. I’m writing to communicate the feelings this movie awakened inside of me. I couldn’t stop crying all through. For me there were sad moments, happy moments and yuk, gory moments but most of all there were learning moments.

So if I’m about to tell you all about everything, we will definitely be here till next year. A short summary is:

I never knew what Vesico Vaginal Fistula was.
I never imagined what underage marriage could really be like.
Then lets not even begin to talk about ignorance, lack of information, suffering, neglect, abuse where do I stop?

Can we really give them back their childhood?

We can’t fix yesterday but we can make a difference today in order to prevent damage in the future.
We as a collective have realized the use of our voices, when we shout loud enough or long enough it usually gets the desired effect.
When I say shout I mean communicate loudly in whatever is your most preferred language. So let’s talk with pictures, posters, letters, messages, music, videos, speeches whatever we can, lets repair and create the awareness to prevent VVF.

Nigeria has one of the highest prevalence of Vesico Vaginal Fistula in the world with almost 800,000 women suffering from its devastating effects.
The movie DRY by Stephanie Linus communicates the VVF message among others in a way no other movie can.


Zara, a successful African doctor living in Wales is determined to stay away from her childhood memories and this now threatens her commitment to marry Alex, a gentleman she truly loves. Her mother, a missionary to Africa, has been unable to get Zara to go with her for her yearly medical aid trips to Africa. When her mother falls ill and unable to make a crucial trip and Zara discovers there is a strong possibility her long lost daughter might still be alive in Africa, she steered in a new direction to face and conquer her darkest fears. Her trip to Africa becomes inevitable.
Back in Africa, thirteen- year old Halima’s poor parents make her marry Sani, an old 60 year old man. With no idea of sex or its intricacies, she goes through a dreadful ordeal as her new husband repeatedly rapes her. Pregnant and after the delivery of her child, young Halima suffers a condition known as Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF). A health nightmare suffered by over 800,000 other women just like her, she is ostracize and abandoned by her husband, family and community. It is a period of rejection, isolation and despair for Halima.
The movie follows a trail of Zara’s trip to Africa, her constant turmoil as a result of inexplicable horrors from her child hood, her experiences and heartaches while working with these suffering women against the backdrop of a rich African culture. Finally, Zara meets Halima and marvels at the revelation of the tie that binds them together. It is full of intrigues, suspense, unbelievable surprises and the joy of reconciliation and the power of the human spirit that is guaranteed to put a smile on people’s face.


To donate to this cause:
Extended Hands Charity Foundation
Diamond Bank Account Number: 0054295068


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