Friday, 28 June 2019


 Brands and Communications experts will gather at the second Glocalisation and Branding Summit in Lagos, on 9th August, 2019, at Edmark D'Podium International Event Center, Ikeja. The event which is a corporate social responsibility of the organisation, would bring together global and local brands to explore areas of synergy, discuss financial options, impacts of technology and social media on branding and techniques that would make brands stand out and generate required revenue.

The summit will enable companies showcase their products and services and foster synergy that would address challenges confronting brands across the Nation and the world at large.
It will also enable businesses to network and develop strategies that would enhance the visibility of the products and services.

Organizations are encouraged to get involved as the event cuts across all the sectors of the economy. There are also many important techno-political and socio economic factors to be considered as well as requisite knowledge businesses need for accessing and thriving in the international market.

During the last Glocalisation and Branding Summit held at the NAF Headquarters, Abuja, the Minister of Communications, Dr. Adebayo Shittu urged Nigerians to utilize the tech and social media revolution benefits by accessing global markets through local creativity and personal branding.

He also said that the drive of the present government to restructure and rebuild the political institutions for sustainable socioeconomic growth and change have to be complemented with an aggressive drive towards diversification of the economy from dependency on oil and focus on putting Made in Nigeria goods, services and products on the global market place.

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