Friday, 17 April 2015

When tears can't make it better.

We all, young or old, have those moments when we lack confidence in ourselves or our decisions.
But you see for all those moments, there is someone special or some special people that have got you covered.

I believe everyone in life has a purpose, while everything in life has a reason.
And for everyone that crosses your path, there is a purposeful reason.

You see, for me, there were times in my life I felt I drew a short straw. I sometimes felt really sad with no clue how to make things better. Till I realised I didn't need to feel that way. All I needed was to flip the talisman. I needed to learn how to see light in every darkness. I needed to believe in me and remind myself of whose I am.

God couldn't physically come down and hold my hand or wipe my tears so instead, He sent me angels.
My angels, my torchlight operators, when the way seemed so dark and gloomy they helped me switch on the torch that guided me back to the Light.  And every time, once again, my path seemed beautifully lit. Once things looked better and brighter, we danced and giggled in the rain together.

My torchlight operators had magical powers. Most times we were countries apart but they still knew how to flick the switch.
Most of all, they taught me how to operate theirs and the torch lights of others too.

Unfortunately during the last year of my life, two of my angels bailed on me. Now guys, that wasn't the plan. We were supposed to be at each other’s kids’ weddings and graduations. We always said we will look back on the hard times and laugh, probably from one of our private islands while being conveyed on one of our private jets.

Now I'm flying solo, you guys aren’t here to egg me on, hold me up when I graze a knee. Most of all I couldn't be there to make all your pains go away when you truly needed me.

But here goes my torchlight operators.
For every time you told me you believe in me, I promise I will work 100 times harder
For every time you told me well done, I promise I will do 100 times better.
For every time you switched on my torchlight, I promise I will switch on a million.

Thank you for being my friend, my confidant, my brother and my sister. Thanks for being my ANGELS!

RIP to the great ones

Dedicated to Leke Aderohunmu (Ondbox) and Kefee Obareki- Don Momoh (Branama)

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