Monday, 3 March 2014

I’m officially a year older- I'm on my way to a next level of glory

First of all dear readers I must say “Welcome to the month of  March”. As I sit down to write, I’m officially a year older YIPEE!

I did want to write this article on my birthday but somehow the day was crammed with so many unplanned activities that creative writing was 952% impossible.

If you just laughed at my use of the figure 952 then you don’t need to read the next paragraph as it signifies you know me well. If you wondered why 952 then here’s a brief overview of ……

Ann-Melody Areola aka Kemi Vivacity a young lady (or should I say middle aged lady now. lol) dedicated to the vivacious cause.
Electronic and communications engineer who turned PR consultant, motivational speaker, presenter and much more, aspiring to leave behind a massive positive legacy. CEO Vivacity PR, Founder WIEA, Co- founder YOC

I’ve always wanted to write my own book, but have never had time to do it. The first edition will definitely be my autobiography, so maybe it’s not time to write it yet.  In over 3 decades of being on this planet, I believe my tiny eyes have seen a lot more than the average 70yr old woman.  I have experienced so many different sides to life, good and bad. I’ve been knocked down 1 million times, I tripped up 2 million times, I’ve been betrayed a billion times, I’ve been tried and tested a gazillion times. I do not complain because through it all God has been awesomely good to me.
I remember the statements of two key older persons in my life, one said “Kemi your life is like a Nollywood movie” BO. The other said “if I had experienced a quarter of what you have in life I would of jumped in a lake by now” NS
Whether this particular lake can drown a whole human being or not. I don’t know oo lol

My friends think I’m a weird one because of the emphasis I place on celebrating my birthday and how quick I am to shout my age from the roof tops. Now they can read the reason here: I am proud of who I am and how far I’ve come. I’m grateful that every year God takes me one step further. You see for me further might not come in a physical form of money, cars, houses.etc. My measure is based on my internal steps, steps taken academically, mentally and spiritually.

I’m a big fan of positive mental attitude (PMA) because the truth is you will never rise above the image you see of yourself in your own mind.
People classify me with all different statements, I remember when I was younger I was called “ikpere yaba” due to my skinny resemblance to a type of plantain crisps. When I was 16 that ikpere stature led me to start my modelling career/agency, I believed in my ikpere looks to the point where I helped over 500 models in my books to also believe in there’s.
I was officially proud to be ikpereish !!!!

I heard people call me “gbagabti” like seriously? Unfortunately my Yoruba is not so awesome but for me “gbagbati” means a go-getter, a woman that will make sure she makes things happen to ensure a positive impact on the lives of those she loves. A woman that walks with the fear and strength of God: " I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me". I ask myself is it right in the eyes of God? is it morally right? is it right in the law of the land? if I can answer yes to all three, then I proceed to level any mountain that stands in front of me.

You see life is what you make it, don’t be intimated by challenges: Meet them head-on, don’t let life knock you down get right back up on it again. Never ever look at what others have because you don’t know how they got them. Believe your dream and conceive it possible and I can assure you that if your faith is as small as a mustard seed…..

When I go through difficult times this is what I tell myself;
“Thank you, Father for creating me the way You did. I know you have a purpose and a plan for me, and I’d rather be me than any other person on earth. You have promised that You have good things in store for me, and I can’t wait to discover them.”.

My decision to write today was
Firstly to thank everyone that has supported me this far.
Secondly to inform of my commitment to continue to enthusiastically serve other people, to assist in breaking out of moulds and  rising to new heights.
Lastly and most importantly to remind everyone that your past does NOT determine your future.

Your Vivacious daughter, sister and friend

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  1. Happy Birthday dearie. Greater heights for you! *kisses*

    1. Many thanks dear friend. Much appreciated.

  2. Kemi Vivacity, I wish you a very Happy birthday and pray you continued guidance, support, direction & of course BLESSINGS plus Upliftments in all ramifications of your life in Jesus Mighty Name....AMEN !
    You are blesse and I say therefor......
    Stay BLESSED;
    Prince Samuel Aro ( PR,SA - Germany )

    1. Amen IJMN. I pray the same for you and yours. Stay awesome!