Thursday, 20 February 2014

Nigerian London Business Forum, UK Presents UK-Nigeria Trade & Investment Roundtable

Nigerian London Business Forum, UK 


UK-Nigeria Trade & Investment Roundtable March 5-6, 2014, Kingsway Hall Hotel, London, 
Start: Close: 5pm each day 

In collaboration with
Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce,Industry, Mines & Agriculture
Kaduna Chamber of Commerce Industry, Mines & Agriculture
Kano Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines & Agriculture
 Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Asaba Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines & Agriculture
Zamfara Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines & Agriculture
ABA Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines & Agriculture
Nigerian Association of Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines & Agriculture
Nigeria High Commission
Institute of Credit Administration
Union Bank UK PLC
UK Trade & Investment
Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission

Objective: With a strong sense of commitment and passion, UK-Nigeria Trade & Investment Roundtable seeks to promote bilateral trade and investment relations between Nigeria and UK by bringing together business people from Nigeria and UK to establish or renew business contacts, seek new investment opportunities, develop long term business relationships or at best finalize existing business contracts.

Sectors: Education, Solid Minerals, Creative and Entertainment Industries, Technology, Waterways, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Export and Import, Project Finance, Power, Oil & Gas, Transport, Railways, Culture & Tourism, Aviation, Courier Services, Banking, Construction, ICT, Media, Health, Communication, Training & Consultancy, Legal Services, Insurance, Automobile, SMEs, Real Estate, Security Services, Credit & Financial Services, Trade & Investment, Professional Services, etc.

UK-Nigeria Trade & Investment Roundtable
Wed-Thur, March 5-6, 2014: Registration Starts Now!
Venue: Kingsway Hall Hotel, 66 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5BX
Start: Close: 5pm each day
Contact Persons: 
Nig – Chris: +2348034030160 
UK – Danette: +44(0)207 278 3631 
 +44(0)7769 955 838 

To stimulate the Roundtable Networking, the following papers will be presented by
distinguished speakers from both public and private sectors in Nigeria and UK.

1. Nigeria in The 21st
 Century, Culture, Innovation, Trade and Investment

2. The Impact of Immigration Regulations and Procedures on Bilateral Trade &
Investment Relations.

3. The Role of UK Trade & Investment in Promoting Bilateral Business Relationship
Between UK and Nigeria

4. Understanding Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry

5. Current Trend in Solid Mineral Development in Nigeria.

6. Nigeria Financial and Banking Sector, Challenges and Opportunities

NILOBF is waxing stronger in Nigeria and UK, working with serious and highly respected chambers of commerce, trade and professional associations across the federation of Nigeria. Members of the logos captioned above are coming down to London to engage in business with British companies in the event tagged: UK-Nigeria Trade & Investment Roundtable, slated for March 5-6, 2014, at Kingsway Hall Hotel, London, UK. 

Plan to Attend This Important Event 
Are you looking to do business with British or Nigerian companies or attracting institutional investments from UK and Nigerian investors? Do you want to set up a business in UK or Nigeria? Are you looking for buyers of your products/services from Nigeria or UK or are you looking for British or Nigerian suppliers of products/services? Have you been looking for a credible, highly committed platform from where you can connect to genuine Nigerian and British business partners, associates and counterpart investors from private and public sectors? If your answer is “yes”, then read this: 

After its inaugural business networking summit on August 30, 2013 in London, here comes the biggest,…the UK-Nigeria Trade & Investment Roundtable, being organized by the prestigious Nigerian London Business Forum (NILOBF). The event is March 5-6, 2014 at Kingsway Hall Hotel, London. GREAT SUCCESS WILL HAPPEN AGAIN AT THIS EVENT! 

The Roundtable objective is simple: British and Nigerian business people, the rest of the world doing or 
exploring the opportunity to do business or invest in Nigeria or UK are the people that Nigerian London Business Forum (NILONF)’s Roundtable is bringing together. Organizations that oil the wheel of commerce and industry, trade and investment such as export credit guarantee agencies, big-time project funders and loan providers, high-profile agencies responsible for growing and connecting businesses to top commercial opportunities are among the prime business entities NILOBF is congregating for you. As past event speaks of NILOBF, the UK-Nigeria Trade & Investment Roundtable is an event to plan ahead to attend. 

We Aim to Meet Your Expectation 
This Roundtable for trade & investment is aiming to answer NILOBF’s typical questions to its attendees… “Why Are You Here”? To answer for you, you are coming to meet with business, investment, and business growth propellers coming from a wide range of sectors to network and tell them what you are looking for. You are coming to talk about your business seriously, fully armed with quality and quantity of business networking tools such as business card, company product/service flyer, corporate brochure, among others. We are poised to surpass your expectations! Trust us and be involved. 

What Happen Last Time? 
NILOBF was adjudged great by the participants of the August 30, business networking event. The UK export credit agency responsible for providing export finance and loan guarantees to all British sales to Nigeria and the rest of the world markets which is Export Credits Guarantee Department (ECGD) was in attendance. The UK Trade & Investment, the sole eye of British businesses and investors saddled with the mandate of delivering Government’s ambition of doubling UK exports to £1 trillion, getting 100,000 additional UK companies to export and move up UK’s foreign direct investment to £1.5 trillion, all by year 2010, were also in attendance. Also in attendance were quality leaders from Nigeria’s Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, Nigerian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Nigerian Minister for Interior under whose ministry Nigerian Customs, Nigerian Immigrations 
and Prisons Services function, officials of Nigeria’s Rivers State Economic Advisory Council, National Vice President of Nigerian NACCIMA, prominent business leaders from British, Nigerian and German companies were all in attendance.

Some of the questions that Nigerian delegations asked these UK Institutions at the event were: Why are you not dominating Nigerian business? Nigeria has a historical tie with UK, should you have a greater presence in Nigeria than other countries? Why are you sitting back and allowing others to reap the advantages. 

And do you know their answers? “We are ready for Nigerian deals; that’s why we are here today in the business networking event of Nigerian London Business Forum (NILOBF) which is telling British businesses that Nigeria is important to British economy; you go now and strike any deal with any British company and leave the rest with us. 
Let’s work together and let NILOBF continue to bring us together – the Nigerian businesses, the British businesses and our own organizations. Let British companies come knocking our doors for Nigerian transactions, we will open”. 

Opportunity for Nigerian Banks: 
Nigerian Financial industry who typically should collaborate with export finance and investment agencies that provide guarantees cover for the export of their home made goods/services and /or investments to Nigeria will find this event, especially coming from UK at this point in time as another important business window.

Nigerian London Business Forum (NILOBF) is the official business chamber and trade association of Nigerian business community in London which comprises of Nigerian, British and non-British companies that are doing business with Nigeria, subsidiaries of Nigerian companies/institutions doing business in UK and Nigeria, as well as bilateral promoting agencies of government of UK and Nigeria and other relevant Agencies, Departments and Ministries of both Governments. 
The Forum seeks to maintain fair advocacy for a robust bilateral relations between UK and Nigeria, promote trade and investment, and provide opportunity for business networking among its members. The Board Members of the Forum are influential people with impeachable character. Only top notch business organizations and properly screened small and medium enterprises are admitted into NILOBF Membership. 
Membership application can be downloaded from NILOBF website, filled and sent to NILOBF office in London or via its Country Office in Lagos. NILOBF website is 
On behalf of the Board Members of Nigerian London Business Forum, namely; Sam Ohuabunwa, OFR (former president, Nigeria Economic Summit), Prof. Pat Utomi (Nigeria’s leading entrepreneurial advocate), Mr. Ray Ekpu (former founding Editor-in-Chief, Newswatch Magazine), John Momoh, (Chairman & CEO, Channels Television), Dr. Adekola Ali, (Managing Director & CEO, Union Bank UK Plc), Dr. Chris Onalo, (CBS Credit UK), Engr. Emeka Unachukwu, (Managing Director/CEO, Morflex Energy & Power Ltd & President, Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce), we look forward to welcoming you to London. 

Vivacity PR for The Nigerian London Business Forum

In collaboration with




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