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L'Afrique Festival in London is back again with a fantastic line up

Ivorian sensation, DJ Arafat won the 2012 Kora Award prize for artist of the year at a ceremony held in Abidjan 


Ivoirian artist DJ Arafat receives the award for “Best African Artist of the year” from football star Didier Drogba (L), Cote d’Ivoire Interior Minister Hamed Bakayoko and Kora’s producer Erneste Adjavi during the Kora Awards ceremony on Dec 30, 2012 in Abidjan 

DJ Arafat or Arafat Muana (English: Arafat the Child, born October 14, 1985 as Ange Didier Houon), an ex-disc jockey in "Shangaï" on Princess Street (Rue Princesse, located in Yopougon, Côte d'Ivoire), is a griot, DJ and singer from Côte d'Ivoire who makes music of the Coupé-Décalé genre.

Do you know DJ Arafat ? 
If the answer is no, you are missing the sensation of the moment! DJ Arafat currently is the most popular artist in Western Africa (soon to be in the rest of the world?). With a provocative personality and slightly self-confident, DJ Arafat proclaimed himself King of Kpangor (“horse”), a derivative of Ivory Coast coupé-décalé rocking all the African Clubs.

What makes his success? 
Suggestive lyrics laid on violent beats using massive drums. One even talks about African Rock or African Electro but it is his talent which allowed him to collaborate with Mokobé from 113 (“Ou la la”), Fally Ipupa among others…
His new album Commandant Zabra is going to make some noise and the word is going to be spread from Abidjan to the rest of the World!
One of the hottest tickets in Africa and Europe will be performing at L’Afrique Festival at London’s Coronet Theatre in UK. DJ Arafat - aka The Commandant - will be bringing his maximum energy music and stage performance to London in September. For those not familiar - Coupe Decale is a funky-fused music with hip gyrating beats. Created strictly for dancing and the nightclub vibes, it has taken the urban Africa and Paris nightlife scenes by storm. Leading the way is one of the pioneers of both the musical style and the popular dance that accompany it -- is DJ Arafat (iTunes | It is indeed a treat to have an artist of his caliber in London and all music and dance lovers need to GO - Coupe Decale (check out video here)! 

Biography of Lady Ponce

With borrowed goddesses in high places and supporters of the innovation of the art of rhythm and her name if carefully designed, Cameroon LADY PONCE her surname NGONO Rufine Adele is undoubtedly one of the rising stars of the big Cameroonian song.
- Songwriter - performer this great dancer in the slender silhouette inherited her strength of character and the workings of tradition "Beti" her mom, great singer and host networks of village association and also namesake of our dear diva (NGONO Rufine Adele for mom).

Early initiated in the art of the field while being Agee 10 years LADY PONCE successfully completes her "baptism of fire" which was to sing for the first time in public, replacing its mother prevented, during a visit of Mr. Sub-Prefect of the locality. Her strength of character and accuracy will benefit her true emulation, which spread like wildfire in the surrounding communities and will make her a bouquet of roses of all similar events. Shortly after she joins the orders in the hope of becoming a nun. And education, which will be her, forge and develop altruism.
In the throes of adolescence while Agee only 16 years, the "small sander" will finger the bitterness of life, resulting in the death of her mother. Morally skewed, the diva migrates Yaounde and moved to Essos in the family estate of her parents along with her older brothers, and is determined to make a career in music. But the tenacity of sadness followed suit, as six years later her dad forgot to turn to breathe.

Dedicated more than ever, it fits almost in a choir at the Chapel Essos the following year. Engages in a Congolese group and the cabaret begins at Camp Sonel. A year later, she joined the cabaret hottest capital (CASCADE) and was introduced to the theory of Jazz by the VIBRATION group with which it operates for some time while also expanding its repertoire of hot rhythms (Bikutsi - Makossa - Ndombolo - Salsa) and parallel listening songs. But his first love remains the folklore and idols SALLY Nyolo - COCO Ateba - Anne Marie NZIE ... to name a few.
While the cabaret full swing, LADY PONCE joined the famous band "Akoak" true musical foundation and record an album of 10 tracks, the output will delayed or even mortgaged.
The wave is rising and in 2004 the diva hat studio doors for the realization of her album "belly" and a team of young and very dynamic (Tonton EBOGO surrounds - Patou BASS - Beloved Lebeau ... and many others) that give him moral and physical support.

Voted "best voice" and "the revelation of the year 2007," Lady Ponce is the rising star of Bikutsi in Cameroon and Africa. Lady Ponce, whose real name is Adele Rufine Ngono is proud and admits that her voice is one of the most valuable in Cameroon. Singer, songwriter, the Lady sings from her childhood in choirs and community associations and today sees its recognized and appreciated throughout Africa talent.

Catch both acts at  live on 10 November à l'Afrique festival à Londres.



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