Monday, 18 March 2013

Konnect Networks- ‘The new revolution in networking to empower women

Konnect networks recognise that no two people are the same, and therefore have different needs and potential. Also appreciating that most women have very busy lives due to family or work life commitments, and seldom have time to do everything they want to do at any one time; sometimes every little goes a long way and that’s where Konnect come in, Konnect offer help and support at the right time when you need it.

Konnect represents entirely what the name denotes, connection; connecting people. It is a networking group that is specially designed for women by women. The aim is to connect individuals one to one, business to business, creating a social dynamic atmosphere to empower women to develop and grow.

Konnect is the new revolution, it is a networking platform where women feel valued and can advertise their business from the comfort of their home, look for a job, start a conversation about every day topics, exchange ideas and talk about what they are passionate about.

Konnect members can share their knowledge or ask for knowledge about areas that they want to know more about without feeling under skilled or embarrassed. Through this online platform any woman can connect and feel a part of a community.

Some of Konnect services are as below although not limited to;
Members can upload their CV and look for jobs through Konnect partners, that include businesses and recruitment companies.
Members can exchange ideas or ask for advice about anything from cooking tips to how to start a business, start a new career.
Members can advertise their business or group for free and meet like minded individuals.
Members who have been out of work for a while due to personal reasons or childcare can more about how to get back into work, re train or start their own businesses.

Konnect service is free:
Members have the options to join the community free of charge to registered members, have their own account and access services specially designed for them. Everyone can still access the website and they will know as part of the community.

This group is intended to bring everyone in the community together, and whilst this has been specifically designed for women, both men and women can be part of our community and access updates from our site.

The aim of this networking group is to create a forum of interaction among the members and link professionals and businesses; Konnect hope to empower members by inspiring them to achieve, to have fun, to share, to aspire, to develop and to support themselves and others whilst learning, developing and growing.

There has been nothing quite like this before, Konnect are not only a social networking or a professional networking group but a combination of all of this and more, this group will create a forum for you to express yourself, have fun, be creative, grow your business, get a new job, interact with other professionals, and get up to date information. We will support entrepreneurs, business men and women alike, professionals and aspiring individuals to achieve and develop themselves and their business.

Konnect strategy is to use its website to connect everyone together as a community with our bespoke online packages and content management, our main presence will be online and there will be regular quarterly member meetings, workshops and social events.

There are no others like Konnect:.
Konnect strategy: Is to use  online tools, to link the Konnect community together, with bespoke packages to enhance interaction, knowledge and growth in our online community.
Konnect website will be a one stop shop; and is ideal for professionals who are looking for a one stop shop, individuals who have busy lives and need a single point of information.
In the online community Konnect can help individuals look for new jobs, switch jobs, build and develop businesses, network with other professionals, link with professional’s networks and take part in forums and conversations  as well enjoying a social connection with other members.

Konnect will partner with women owned or led businesses and also every other organisation provide jobs, exclusive offers to our members; some of its partners are recruitment companies, events companies, professionals, accounting firm, entrepreneurs, consultants, mothers etc

You can be a part of this:
By becoming a ‘Konnect Kontributor: Konnect hopes that members will get involved in the online community, by advertising their own businesses, join the ‘Konnect forum and post comments, advertise in the market place, put up posts and contribute to the online community. Members can attain the status of ‘Kontributor’ after fulfilling certain criteria.

Konnect hope to advertise the site through strategic alliances with businesses, professionals networks, organizations, businesses, churches, use of online ,marketing tools like ‘Twitter, Facebook, business cards, word of mouth to encourage people to join the community and become members etc.
Operations: Marketing/sales, publicity, promotion, artist relations, creative packages.

Konnect goals are:
To empower women
Support women to develop and become all they want to be
Create a community that members can feel part of, and to support professionals to stay at their perfect job, switch roles, and get a new job.
To provide members with an opportunity to enjoy a social networking package where they have a one stop shop for all their needs and enjoy the new social media.
Build a stable, reputable and profitable company for members to enjoy.
Position the network to allow investors, members and employees to fully capitalize on its profitability.

So in essence we say:
Konnect networks are the new revolution in women’s networking, creating a platform to connect women and to help them rediscover who they are; To be empowered to achieve their potential.
So please do check out their website,, feel free to email if you have any enquiries.

Thank you for your time...

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