Saturday, 20 October 2012

Funky 4 +1 Flood Victims Relief Initiative Powered by Silverbird Communications

On Fri 19th October 2012 Port Harcourt’s trendiest comedy group Funky 4 +1, Silverbird communications crew and my humble self (Kemi Vivacity) set out on a life changing mission.

Here’s how the story went:

A week before this day, I got a Blackberry Messenger broadcast from Dan dee Humorous (one of the Funky 4). The message invited concerned Rivers and Nigerian people to come drop of whatever relief items they could spare for the Rivers State flood victims. Relief items sort after included food, clothes, toiletries, pampers, water etc. The drop off point was Rhythm 93.7fm Old GRA Port Harcourt.

A day or 2 later I also began to continuously hear the broadcast on radio too. By this time it had caught my attention BIG TIME!

Any Nigerian or friend of Nigeria that watches or listens to the news by whichever means possible; would have heard of the devastating floods that have submerged many Nigerian villages. Because we are safe and dry in our own homes doesn’t mean we shouldn’t spare a thought for the mothers, fathers, grandparents and children that have watched all they have float away.

Well being on vacation in Port Harcourt meant hmmm I couldn’t really do much but I could try to do something. I gave Dan a call and arranged to accompany the Funky 4 +1 and Silverbird communications crew to drop off the acquired relief materials to the displaced communities.

On arrival at Rhythm 93.7fm early Friday 19th Oct morning, I looked around and was proud to be Nigerian. The Funky 4 +1 and Silverbird broadcast had really worked. Nigerians had come from far and wide to drop of a considerable amount of relief. It was to say the least “inspiring”.

The trip:

We took off in a convoy of vehicles with state security vehicles leading the pack.

Our 1st drop off point Edeoha community and then we travelled on to Abua local government area settlements.

Observation of the moods of the people showed extreme mixed feelings in the different settlement areas-

Edeoha community was very gloomy with animals living in uncompleted buildings with adults and children.

There were reports of death and poor medical conditions.

Hunger and unhappiness was widespread.

Abua local government area settlements on the other hand were a bit different.

The Abua Local Government Chairman Mr Udi Odim seems to have made a difference to his people. He makes sure the relief gets straight to the people that need it the most. He has stayed in the camp for 2 weeks without returning home to visit his family. He was also a victim of the flood with his farmland also submerged in the waters.

The whole experience for me was a little tear jerking and enlightening. Sometimes we cry for new shoes, a new car, and new Brazilian hair. Sometimes some people cry for a dry space to put their head, a handful of garri to drink and medicine for their dying babies.

Drop off your relief items and be part of this ongoing mission:

Rhythm fm 93.7

10 Forces Avenue


God bless your kind Hearts

Ann-Melody Areola

Vivacity for Funky 4 +1 and Silverbird Communications

+234 (0) 8174702264

Abua Local Government Chairman Mr Udi Odim addresses the people

More Pictures:

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