Tuesday, 16 May 2017


When it comes to reasons to visit Lagos, there are lots of it. But one particular reason stands tall for me as to why I'd love to visit Lagos as frequent as possible and I want to share it with you our vivacious readers.

Lagos, or Las Gidi as it is widely referred to by lots of Nigerians, was created way back in May 27th, 1967. Not that you need the history class but still.... Anyway, Lagos is considered to be the most populous state in Nigeria with over 16 million people as of 2015. This figure largely disputes the 2006 general census which cited Lagos to be approximately 9 million people.
Lagos is one of the most popular cities in Africa and the World at large. The economy of Lagos is so good that experts say if Lagos were to be a country, it would be the 5th largest economy in Africa.

Lagos is a city surrounded by the Atlantic ocean, with the third mainland bridge linking the Lagos island and the mainland. It is the longest bridge in Africa.

If you're a Nigerian and you say you've never been to Lagos, people are not hesitant to tell you of how much you're missing out. Even tourists coming into Nigeria on vacation or business desire to visit or stay in Lagos. If you are one such person, who hasn't been to Lagos or you're visiting Lagos on a business trip or vacation, then you must check out the luxurious Sugarland Shortlets and apartments.

Sugarland shortlets and apartments are a 2/3 bedroom apartment located in Ikeja and Ikoyi. It is suitable for individuals, corporate organisations, and families. Each suite is spacious and exquisitely furnished with a separate lounging area, balcony, a kitchen equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, and top class cooking utensils.

Sugarland offers 24hours electricity and security, free Wi-Fi, cable television, swimming pool, bathrooms with running water, heating, shower and bath tub. There isn't a better experience of home away from home.

With over 12 years of experience in hospitality, sugarland shortlets and apartments have mastered the art of delivering comfort to all clients beyond their expectations. Sugarland places heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction, and quality service offering. Which is why all staff are tasked to offer nothing short of excellence in service delivery.

In addition to all these wonderful packages, sugarland also offers cab/car rental services to clients, courtesy of call a cab/car rental services limited.

Call a cab/car rental services was established out of the need for customer safety and ease of travel for your duration of stay in Lagos. From the airport to any choice of your destination in and around Lagos, you will be assigned a luxury ac-filled car and a driver. Care doesn't get better than this. Call a cab also provides services to banks and other corporate organisations.

Now you have another reason to visit Lagos, why not give sugarland a ring on 08023527816, or 0909380275 for bookings and reservations. For more information or inquiries you can also contact info@sugarland.com.ng or visit their website on www.sugarland.com.ng, and like the Facebook page sugarland apartments or on instagram as sugarlandapartmentsng.

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