Thursday, 26 January 2017


The importance of digital marketing cannot be overemphasised or ignored. The world has turned into a global village, with many global brands seeking for more online presence. Millions of people over the world spend ample amount of time surfing the internet, this is what makes digital marketing the best marketing strategy you can implore for your business. Simply put; it is where the shoppers are.
Digital marketing is particularly efficient to businesses with a brand, or wish to become a major brand. Businesses can now afford to reach their target audience without the frills and cost of traditional marketing. It also helps in interacting with customers in real time without them having to be physically present at your business location.

Customers no longer need to struggle with finding a shop location, or checking out their desired products. Payments and delivery are also made easier, sales are plenty, revenue is generated, and there is a larger tendency of growth for such businesses.

According to Bain-Altamma, the luxury online channel is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 15% annually through 2020, compared to the 2% to 3% compound annual growth rate projected for the personal luxury brands market overall.

In order to maximise your digital reach, it is prerogative to interact with your clients on a personal note. According to Louise singlehurste, with low penetration of ecommerce and social media, there is an opportunity to boost direct-to-consumer engagement, particularly as younger consumers spend increasing amounts of time online.

According to recent analysis by Boston Consulting Group, more than 60% of good sales are now digitally influenced; meaning shoppers either researched online, or purchased online.

Developing an online presence isn’t an instant process, it takes time to materialise. It takes discipline, persistence, cost, and an openness to new ideas. It doesn't happen overnight and it isn’t simple.

However, the success of business digitalization lye in some key components;
1.    Brand quality: often times, the quality of your products and services sell themselves. With little or less advertisement, happy customers help to spread the word on your products and services. The longevity and success of your business depends heavily on the quality of your brand.

2.     Necessary Technical knowledge: running a business online requires an effective technical team. In the absence of a technical personnel, it is advisable to enlist the help of professionals in the management of all your online business activities, with the supervision of an admin.

3.     Ability to respond to customers’ needs: The digital market is an ever-changing market. Latest and new trends are implemented every day. Competitions are rife, and the struggle to stay relevant is constant, therefore your business will require an efficient PR team to help adjust to the trends and demands of the online business.

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