Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Recently I came across a classic movie which was released back in 2000, titled “What women want”. In the movie, Nick Marshall, played by the legendary Mel Gibson, was an advertising executive, a ladies’ man. After a freak accident, Nick could suddenly read the thoughts of women, therefore helping him to understand what women really want. An amazing ability, I thought to myself, even better than the powers held by various super heroes in the DC and Marvel universe.
This movie got me thinking, what if we could really understand what women want. This question has been one of the biggest mysteries mankind has ever faced; hence my drive to actually do some digging, to help answer one of the most frequently asked questions, questions that the great Sigmund Fred and Albert Einstein were curious to answer.
More often than not, some women don’t even know what they want. While it is true that the desires of women vary according to circumstances and personnel, here are five (5) basic things every woman wants in a relationship.

1.      HONESTY
Women are naturally caring species. That care eventually leads to their curiosity to always know what’s going on in the lives of their spouse, and wants him to trust her enough to tell her everything. She wants to feel important and needed. She wants to help her man in any possible way.
When a woman asks a question, there is a high possibility she already knows the answer to her question, and if the truth might not be the best option at the time, don’t digress too much from it but you should never lie.
Don’t be mistaken, as much as women want you to be honest, they don’t like too much of it. If a woman asks you what you think about her dress, even if you think it’s not great, it’s safer to smile and tell her she’s lovely.

2.      SECURITY
When I say security, I’m not speaking of getting her a bodyguard; well in some cases, or always checking her phone, I’m speaking of some form of financial security and the ability of her man to make her feel safe when she’s with him, that she can’t be harmed.
She wants to be able to confide in her man and trust that she will not be judged. She wants to know that her man is capable of taking care of her needs, and if he can’t at the moment, she has to see he’s making effort and willing to provide when he can.

It is an established fact that women love to talk; in a good way. The ability to be able to communicate with a woman goes a long way in strengthening the understanding and happiness of that relationship.
When you learn how to communicate with her, you suddenly know what she means when she speaks, you say the right things at the right time, and you know when she’s sad and when she’s happy. I can boldly say communication is one of the most important things a woman demands from her man.
She has to know you’re listening to her, no matter how irrelevant what she’s saying might seem, you have to listen. Talk to her, make meaningless conversations, compliment her at every given opportunity, she will never stop smiling whenever she’s with you.

For a woman, it’s the little things you take for granted that makes her world light up. Every woman wants to feel special. She’s not saying she’s the prettiest woman in the world, but she wants her man to make her feel that way. Always make sure you tell her how you feel about her, don’t hesitate to say sorry when she’s mad at you, even when you’re right; very important. One or two surprises every now and then would melt her heart. Women love gifts, surprise kisses, take her on a date, let her know you’re proud of her. You need to text her, call her, ask her about her day, find out if she’s had lunch. While it is good to be romantic, you have to know when you’re invasive, sometimes women need their own space, and you need to know when to cut the gap so you don’t become too predictable or boring.

5.       GREAT SEX
Last and certainly not the least, the sex has got to be great. It generally takes a woman longer to reach orgasm than a man, so it’s very important you learn to please her first before yourself. An extensive foreplay very well does the trick for her, take your time, and don’t be in a hurry to get it over with, if necessary you have to talk with her through it.
Be inventive; always have a new trick up your sleeves every time you come together. Try to show her your passion and desire for her, that she’s wanted. She will always want you. And if sometimes she doesn’t, please don’t push it; it is a clear variation between men and women. Sometimes they just want to be with you and nothing more.

Now it is important to note there are certainly more things a woman requires from her man to be happy, but these five basic needs so far mentioned are very much the most important. Every other requirement is secondary, and if you stick with these guidelines, she will go the extra mile for you.

Stay happy people, and we certainly hope this has been helpful to you because that’s what we do at Vivacity.

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