Friday, 8 March 2013

Hip hop can’t displace jazz – Oladapo Opayinka speaks

Oladapo Opayinka, an event planner, is also into jazz concerts. Having organised numerous jazz meets across the world, he is bringing his concepts to his fatherland, Nigeria. Opayinka believes that though much noise is made about hip-hop, jazz is still popular and is not threatened in anyway.

He said, “It’s a misconception to think that jazz is not as popular as before. It only seems like that because more noise is being made about hip-hop and it is more commercial. Jazz music still has its fans and the numbers are still growing by the day. And a lot of the people that love Soul and R’n’B also love a bit of Jazz music.”

He acknowledged that hip-hop had taken over this generation, but stated that a lot of people were still in love with jazz, for which reason it would never become extinct.

Opayinka said, “You will be surprised by the number of people that listen to jazz. The age is lower that you can imagine. If you love and appreciate live music, then jazz is for you. The notion that needs to change is that jazz is boring. The people that have attended Go Jazz were surprise at the infusion of all the musicians on one stage. This is the uniqueness of Go Jazz Concert and putting it together is an art in itself.

“And lastly, jazz will never and can never be extinct. It has been around for over 100 years. It will continue to be around and grow its fan base as long as there are people like me out there that appreciate sensible and well thought of music.”



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